To help students grow in faith, build Godly relationships, and reach out to those around them.


Sunbreak Students believe’s that the key to life is an active, growing relationship with Jesus Christ.  We believe God provides the answers for the questions of life in His word, the Bible.  It is our goal to help students know God’s word, understand His plan for them, and grow in their faith and belief.


Relationships matter!  Our relationships have the power to effect us for good or bad.  We believe God desires to help us navigate all of our relationships in a way that they will be healthy and encouraging.  We want our students to build strong relationships with each other as well as with leaders and mentors who will help them along the way.


We want to help our students reach the world around us.  We provide a variety of opportunities for students to engage in reaching out to and loving others.  From service projects, to mission trips, to camps and retreats, we provide many opportunities for students to reach and make a difference in the lives of others.